This year’s AABP Conference was held in Omaha, Nebraska from September 14th – 15th.

AABP 2017

This year’s AABP Conference was held in Omaha, Nebraska from September 14th – 15th. This year the attendance was higher than last year with 1400 attendees. We had a really good engagement at the booth through various games and even a brand-new product that was modeled by our sales guys!

That’s right we said a brand-new product.

We introduced the Easi-Scan:Go for the first time in to the US market. Although we are not selling it quite yet we had quite the interest from our current customers as well as potential new customers. The Easi-Scan:Go is our newest wireless bovine scanner that only requests an app and you will be able to use it with any IOS or Android device. It will be available to buy in a few months.

Next to the new product we had two different games at the booth. The first one was a cornhole game. This game allowed our customers to win some IMV promotional items as well as being put into the drawing of 50% off an Easi-Scan. The rules were easy: Make one you get a towel, make two you get a t-shirt or make three you win an IMV vest. At some occasions we had a line of 10 people waiting to play the game in order to win a vest.

The second game was our famous ultrasound quiz. This quiz had 25 questions and was timed. We had 111 people take the quiz and it was played 333 times. The winner went home with $500. We had the same winner as last year: Ethan Mcenroe. Congratulations!

We had a great turn out from the two different campaigns and had a steady traffic at our booth. Thank you to everyone that stopped at our booth. We enjoyed talking to everyone that visited and can’t wait for AABP next year! Stay tuned with what we come up with for next year.

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