Along with, ECM, Forming a New Division Under the IMV Technologies Group

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As IMV imaging we are excited to provide you even more veterinary ultrasounds allowing you a variety of options for on-farm ultrasound uses. Our newest product provides you a smart, rugged, bovine ultrasound.

Introducing, Easi-Scan:Go.

Easi-Scan:Go is a wireless, connected on-farm ultrasound, strengthening the relationship between vets and farmers, ensuring better productivity on the farm and improvement with animal health. The Easi-Scan:Go integrates seamlessly with the modern farm. This wireless veterinary ultrasound is an App based bovine ultrasound, that presents the ultrasound image on up to 3 smart devices simultaneously. You can share images with farmers or review the ultrasound data later with the BCF Cloud online storage facility. Instant access to vital data enhances team workflow and allows for better strategic planning.

Included in our new line of product are ExaPad and ExaPad mini veterinary ultrasound scanners.

ExaPad and ExaPad mini provide unequaled robustness for quality veterinary ultrasound images. With a working time of more than two hours along with being exceptionally lightweight, this portable ultrasound scanner answers to the demands of all veterinarians. Patient files, reports, annotations, specific measurements, are all adapted to veterinarians.

ImaGo, the scanner for any field.

ImaGo is the compact, portable, ultra-light and extremely robust veterinary ultrasound. The ImaGo is the ideal scanner for all veterinary applications, including bovine, equine, swine, and small ruminants. Featuring the very latest digital technology, ImaGo can be used with a wide range of multi-frequency probes including rectal, linear, abdominal, convex, and sector.

ExaGo, the portable veterinary ultrasound scanner.

Wherever you use the ExaGo, you benefit from excellent image quality. Due to its wide range of multi-frequency probes, the ExaGo efficiently meets all your application requirements. Designed with the latest technologies and well adapted to the veterinarian environment, ExaGo is a reliable and robust veterinary ultrasound.

If you would like any more information or to demo any of our products please feel free to reach out at [email protected] or at (507) 529-8200.

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