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Bethany McCain

Equine In Vitro Fertilization

This fall our crew took a trip out West to capture the story of equine In Vetro Fertilization. The experience certainly did not disappoint.

Summit Equine warmly welcomed IMV to their clinic allowing the intimate experience of seeing in vitro fertilization first hand, from start to finish. Dr. Ryan Ferris began the procedure by properly preparing the mare with sedation then cleaning, in order for him to wash the follicle completely and aspirate the oocyte. Dr. Ferris completed the oocyte aspiration with the EXAPad.

"EXAPad gives us a great image for follicular aspiration. Our recovery rate has been very good since switching to this platform.”
-Dr. Ryan Ferris

Once oocyte aspiration has been completed, Dr. Ferris securely packaged the product to be sent to an ICSY laboratory.

Dr. Lisa Metcalf received the package and went straight to work. Dr. Metcalf takes those oocytes and injects them with a single sperm. The developing embryos are then placed in their incubator for 7-10 days. When ready they are shipped back fresh to Summit Equine.

Now, ready for the final step, Dr. Ryan Ferris prepares the mare for re-implementation.

Watch the mesmerizing process from start to finish here.


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