Recently IMV imaging teamed up with Cody Creelman, Cow Vet to introduce our newest wireless ultrasound products, the Easi-Scan:Go and BUG-OLED:Go.
Bethany McCain

Top 4 things from AABP

Last month our team traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for the annual American Association of Bovine Practitioners convention. As always, the show didn't disappoint! In case you missed it, we created a list of the top 4 things from AABP.

4. 5K Stampede 

Pictured is Dr. Hunter Lang who participated in the 5K to raise money for the Amstutz Scholarship. For every dollar Dr. Lang raised, IMV matched, raising the total contribution to $654!

3. Cool merch

Crowds were starting to line as AABP go-ers saw the giveaways we had at the stand. With several different options, Patagonia inspired hats and Cody Creelman tees were definitely the biggest hit.

2. BUG:Go giveaway

Every person who interacted with our new BUG:Go wireless ultrasound goggles was entered to win a pair. The lucky winners of the BUG:Go was Azores Vet Clinic.

1. Easi-Scan:Go'es wireless!

AABP marked the launch of our wireless veterinary ultrasound, Easi-Scan:Go and BUG:Go. This wireless ultrasound provides additional mobility, cine loop options, and direct video and photo storage. Veterinarians gathered around our new product showcase to try out the new ultrasound. All were extremely impressed and excited about the new technology and capabilities. 

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