Caring acts of kindness everywhere, IMV style

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

IMV imaging is located in the vibrant community of Rochester, Minnesota. Most commonly known for being the heart of renowned hospital, Mayo Clinic. Sweeping through this snow covered community has been an initiative to warm even the coldest temperatures, Caring Acts of Kindness Everywhere (CAKE) Week.

The CAKE group states their mission as, "Our goal is to utilize social contagion through public Random Acts of Kindness in mass efforts to help cultivate positive inspiring change. This group is a resource for ideas and group initiatives for kindness."

For the national RAK week the group aims to provide winter clothing, food, shelter, books and even haircuts for those in need. In addition, there have been hundreds of social media posts portraying random acts of kindness, ranging from simply buying coffee for others to donating time.

Inspired by this local movement, IMV imaging will randomly be surprising customers with gifts.

Our goal in this effort is to not only brighten your day, but to continue the movement forward. #rakweek

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