Cornell Wet Lab


Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine hosted a wet lab utilizing IMV imaging large animal ultrasounds. 

Remember that polar vortex that caused below average freezing temperatures across the midwest shutting down postal services and most businesses? This was the weather our ultrasounds traveled in from Minnesota to New York. Thankfully they arrived just in time for the scheduled wet lab.

Cornell University CVM, Treasurer of Radiology Club, Aretmis Sapountzi poured time and effort into coordinating the wet lab for CVM students to attend. After a short ten minutes the spots filled up, along with the waitlist for the wet lab.

Sales Specialist, Tom Cardinal flew out East to assist at the lab.

"I wanted to thank you both immensely for helping make this lab happen here at Cornell. As the lab was winding down, and we were packing up the equipment, a few 3rd-years mentioned it was one of the most beneficial labs they had attended in vet school."

Artemis Sapountzi
Treasurer of Radiology Club
Cornell CVM


If you would like to schedule a wet lab for your university, please contact Bethany at [email protected].


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