Twin Bovine Embryonic Death


"Ultrasound can detect fetal death as early as ultrasound can detect fetal life," states Dr. Craig DeMuth.

Dead fetuses commonly palpate like live fetuses, and may not be expelled for extended periods of time. "My experience has been that some cows will not expel dead fetuses for months," explains DeMuth. "This causes cows not to become pregnant when they should be pregnant, and when this occurs, there is always loss of profit. In some cases this may be life threatening. If a cow does not become pregnant within a period of time to maintain profitability, she is culled."

Signs of fetal death are lack of heartbeat, flocculation in the amniotic fluid, and chorioallantois from the uterine wall. The fetus appear to "float."

Watch the video below to see twin bovine embryonic death diagnosed with the wireless Easi-Scan:Go ultrasound.

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