IMV Technologies has donated gloves and birthing gowns to a local hospital to use as protective gear.

IMV Technologies Donate Gloves & Gowns to Hospital

In the midst of a global pandemic communities across the world pull together to do what they can to combat COVID-19.  IMV Technologies, a leader in the areas of veterinary assisted reproduction technologies and veterinary imaging has made an effort to provide resources for those risking their health to serve the ill.

IMV Technologies USA has donated gloves and birthing gowns to a local hospital to use as protective gear.  General Manager and President of IMV Technologies USA, Angela De Mirjyn, comments, "While I appreciate the medical professionals, there are a bunch of people behind the scenes that are really as important as them.  That includes the cleaning crews, and medical waste management people.  The product we have donated is not produced for use by medical professionals, but we hope it helps keep all people working in hospitals be safe."

Pictured below are the products donated, traditionally used on a farm setting.

IMV calving gown

IMV Technologies Calving Gown

IMV Gloves

IMV Technologies Gloves

IMV Technologies continues to look for ways to help provide aid during this time.  Learn more about IMV Technologies here.


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