3 Reasons Fetal Aging Improves Calf Management

Knowing the age of the fetus enables you to determine the stage of gestation. Here are 3 reasons estimating fetal age can improve calf management:

  1. Ability to sort cows into different feeding groups to optimize the nutrition they receive at each gestational stage.
  2. Observe cows around their projected due dates so that intervention can be provided when required; for example, a Caesarean can be performed on a cow with twins if necessary to improve the possibility of delivering two live calves.
  3. Optimize the dry period in dairy cattle to minimize the impact of negative energy balance in the immediate post-partum period which can impact milk yield.

With the wireless Easi-Scan:Go, fetal aging can be calculated automatically with IMV Go Scan app. 

Fetal age is determined by measurements taken on an ultrasound image referencing an aging chart. There are four different measurements that you can use based on the view you see of the fetus. They are: trunk diameter, head diameter, crown rump length and head length.

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