Student Loan Program


Externships play a critical role in equipping a vet student to enter their role as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. While most students participate in several prior to graduating, only some set themselves apart by optimizing their externship with their own ultrasound.

Our IMV Student Loan Program gives this opportunity to all vet students by loaning them a  wireless Easi-Scan:Go and BUG:Go goggles for a two week time period. This provides students the advantage of getting to know imaging diagnostics and gaining confidence in their ability while under the supervision of a practicing Veterinarian. 

"The Student Loan Program gave me the ability to ultrasound with an experienced veterinarian watching what I was doing on the phone. This allowed me to gain confidence in my ability very quickly."

Our student loan ultrasound kit comes with:

Connect the Easi-Scan:Go with any smart device to share the image in real time. Save any ultrasound photos or videos directly to the device you are using. Our automatic fetal aging helps train students to calculated the fetal ages.

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