How To: Set up DICOM with ExaPad


Below is step by step video guide of how to set up DICOM with the ExaPad. The ExaPad must be correctly configured with the information obtained from the DICOM administrator in the premises (clinic/hospital).


Step 1: Go to settings

Step 1

Step 2: Make sure you have internet connection

Step 2

Step 3: Go to DICOM activate the store function or activate the print function to send to a DICOM printer

Step 3

Step 4: Check or enter the Server IP- the practice's IP address

Step 4

Step 5: Check or enter the Port- the port number

Step 5

Step 6: Check or enter the Server AE- the server name

Step 6

Step 7: Check or enter the Local AE- the name of the scanner

Step 7

Step 8: Once all this information is entered and connected you have successfully set up your DICOM

Step 8


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