MOO-ving on: the next step in bovine ultrasonography – Ireland – 16/09/2023

IMV imaging Courses 2023

MOO-ving on: the next step in bovine ultrasonography

Course Overview: This course is aimed at those who are already comfortable with basic pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound and want to start using ultrasound for more pre breeding fertility work and advancing their staging of pregnancy and sexing embryos.

Are you currently using ultrasound for your bovine pregnancy checks? If so, can you advise the farmer to expect a bull or a heifer calf? Can you tell the difference between the ultrasound appearance of follicular and luteal cysts? Do you want to be able to estimate the stage of pregnancy more accurately?

This course is more focussed on theory and case discussion crush side. We assume that you have either already done the basic course or are happy with basic pregnancy diagnosis. The course will give you an opportunity to talk through cases as they come up the race on one of Ireland’s largest and most progressive dairy farms. There will be a huge selection of cows to work on, and we will talk through each case as a group.

Topics Covered:

  • The pre breeding non pregnant cow – Follicular wave assessment, identifying individual cow’s cycles and how to apply practical hormonal and therapeutic management to get her back in calf as quickly as possible
  • Accurate staging/ageing of the pregnancy
  • Detection of twins – its importance and benefit to the farmer
  • Foetal sexing – identification and probe positioning
  • Cystic ovarian disease – follicular or luteal?
  • Endometritis & pyometra and unusual ultrasound images
  • Case evaluation of ovarian and uterine problems including advice on treatment protocols

Agenda: 8.30 – Arrival, Tea/Coffee. The course will start at 9am with a mixture of lectures and practical scanning sessions in both the morning and afternoon sessions. The day will finish around 5.30pm.

Available Dates: Saturday 16th September

Equipment and Facilities: Please bring full clean PPE and gloves/gel for the practical scanning portion of the day. All ultrasound equipment will be provided on the day


Bingham’s Farm
203 Sevenmile Straight
Antrim, Co. Antrim
BT29 4YR

Speaker: John Dawson, BVMS CERT. CHP MRCVS

CPD: 7.5 hours CPD. VCI CVE points pending approval

Costs: IMV Customers – 1 day – £480 + VAT / €580 + VAT

For bookings or enquiries, please contact [email protected]

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