AbdoPlus: A Step Further In Small Animal Abdominal Ultrasound

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AbdoPlus: A Step Further In Small Animal Abdominal Ultrasound

Course Overview: Aimed at veterinary surgeons who are comfortable with basic abdominal ultrasonography and who want to take their skills a step further, this one-day course will teach you to refine your technique and enable you to tackle the trickier abdominal organs.

The day comprises a combination of lectures and practical sessions, aiming to give as much hands-on time using an ultrasound machine as possible.

Topics Covered:

  • Get comfortable with the GI tract – learn to find your way around the stomach, pyloroduodenal junction, small intestine (including duodenum and ileum), ileocecocolic junction and colon
  • Where to find the adrenal glands, including relevant anatomical landmarks
  • Learn the landmarks that help us to locate the pancreas and how to identify normal vs abnormal
  • Find and examine the major blood vessels and abdominal lymph nodes
  • Put it into practice under the guidance of a diagnostic imaging diplomat– use the techniques and knowledge gained on the day to practice your ultrasound skills on real dogs

Available Dates: Bath (2nd November 2023)

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