Evaluation des structures ovariennes et utérines chez la vache

Le diagnostique des structures ovariennes et utérines peut augmenter le succès et la profitabilité des programmes de reproduction.

You can assess follicles, the corpus luteum, cystic ovarian structures, and the uterus through the use of ultrasound. You can determine the reproductive status of each cow by combining your ultrasound findings with farm records and observations. You can then base treatment and management decisions on these findings to improve fertility rates within the herd.

Cows with a history of poor fertility can also be examined for signs of ovarian and /or uterine pathology and appropriate treatment can be initiated.

Evaluation of ovarian structures – CL with follicles

Evaluation of ovarian structures – Corpus Luteum

Evaluation of ovarian structures – Follicular cyst

Evaluation of ovarian structures – Luteal Cyst

Evaluation of ovarian structures – Ovarian Follicles

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