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Introducing IMV imaging... the future of BCF Technology and ECM

At the end of 2017, two of Europe’s most successful veterinary imaging companies joined forces. They are now set to deliver complete animal imaging solutions across the world.

BCF Technology and ECM (Echo Control Medical) have merged to form a new imaging division within the IMV Technologies group. On 9th May 2018, BCF Technology and ECM brand names officially came together to form IMV imaging.


What's new

We believe in ensuring our customers gain the most from their diagnostic imaging technology. Education is a vital part of the support IMV imaging provides. See the latest developments at IMV imaging .

Service & support

At IMV imaging we want you to get the most from your imaging equipment, so you can provide the very best in animal care.

Service & support
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The new IMV Academy

The new IMV Academy aims to help improve standards of veterinary imaging. It gathers all our teaching resources and expertise into one vibrant, accessible hub. It is a natural evolution of the educational support we have been providing for over three decades.

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IMV imaging on YouTube

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