Customer comments

  • Serge
    "The OPU technique is very complimentary to Embryo Transfer, the OPU process allows us to get embryo from cows that are not active for ET. Results are also very good on sexed semen and even on old cows; and of course this is very helpful to collect heifers, even very young about 6 months old. I eventually use the OPU technique on pregnant cows at the age of 70-90 days pregnancy, so very early, and we can repeat that every 2 to 3 weeks. I really like the image quality of my ExaPad and can see clearly follicles of 3 mm, not to pick them up as I prefer to collect 6-8 mm ones; no this is the way to avoid them." As for the OPU probe, I was part of the first discussion in 2016 to develop something thin, long enough and as light as possible and this was really a good and fruitful partnership with IMV."
  • ExaPad - Equine 10.4
    “The EXAPAD mini provides the best image quality that I ever had when collecting oocytes and the OPU probe is really multipurpose as I can ue it on heifers but also on cows. I have more than 3 hours battery on that unit and can easily move from farms to farms and it is only 4 kgs; yes definitively this is an ultrasound and a probe that I will recommend to any veterinarian, station that wants to use the OPU technique.”

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