10 telltale signs that you're a true Bovine Vet

So, you think you're a bovine vet? Ten things you can identify with if you spend your hours "preg checking" and more.

1. Sleeping in..

    is never an option.


2. Communication with your clients is key.


3. You were way ahead of the curve when…

    overalls started to trend again.


4. You’d rather spend the day in a cow’s goodies than...

    stuck in a cubicle next to humans.


5. Your boots were made for walking...

    through poo.


6. White is not your color

    for obvious reasons.


7. Oh, you think you’re tired after a day in the office?

    Try a day on the farm.


8. You take a lot of crap from your clients.


9. You’re always competing for who wore it best.


10. You witness the miracle of birth on the regular.


11. But at the end of the day...

    it's all worth it

    because of them.


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