BUGs OLED - Next level imaging!

BCF BUGs are some of the best on the Veterinary market - high precision while keeping your peripheral vision allows you to stay at the top of your game.

We have now further advanced the imaging quality of our OLED BUGs, after listening to our customer's requirements about what sort of image advancements they would like.

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So what is this new image quality like?

Our customers said that they would like a "softer" looking image with "more detail" - we have provided this by increasing the contrast between "black and white" in the image, which also means that the anatomical structures can be seen more clearly.


BUGs OLED in comparison with BUGs VGA (blue tint shows structures clearer).





OLED Technology gives a brighter and sharper image, while draining less power, which means that it is a much greener technology. It is based on "Bioluminescence", the natural chemical reaction that occurs when a firefly glows.


Think of this OLED technology as a sandwich - an organic compound made of carbon provides the filling, and two conductors are the bread. When electricity passes through these conductors, bright light is emitted producing colours and a picture. 


Advantages to your scanning technique?

  1. Precision - Improved detail in fetal structures and tissue movement e.g. viability - heart beat, re-absorption and embryo death,
  2. Speed - Quicker identification of structures - higher resolution while transitioning across soft tissue and bone structure (e.g. earlier pregnancy checks, sexing and ageing),
  3. Efficiency - Higher level of confidence in diagnosis and less chance of having to carry out rechecks,
  4. Comfort - Increased grey scale in the image allows you to scan for longer as the image is easier on the eyes.


Especially recommended for those who are new to scanning!


Read more about the newly upgraded BUGs OLED - click here.


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