HIPRA ultrasound training with Easi-Scan

At BCF, we understand the importance of vets continually advancing on their skills and knowledge. Which is why we invest a lot of time in to organising ultrasound courses and publishing free clinical materials for all of you to use and share.

Animal health specialists, HIPRA recently held an ultrasound course focusing on scanning of the respiratory system, thoracic ultrasound in calves. We were delighted to see that BCF Easi-Scan and Easi-Scan curve were used for the course along with a range of viewing devices, allowing all in attendance to be able to see the ultrasound image. As well as developing knowledge on the selected topic, attendance courses are a great way of meeting likeminded people, sharing skills and improving on ultrasound technique.

The course covered calf scanning in great detail, going back to the basics of the bovine anatomy before moving on to scoring the thoracic ultrasound images and illustrating how to draw conclusions from and act on the results.

HIPRA have shared with us the course notes from the day, which includes many case studies for your referral.

Click here to download the course notes.

If you are interested in taking part in an ultrasound course, have a look at what we have coming up or contact your local distributor to see what is happening in your area.

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