Exhibitions Week!

It’s been a very busy time here at BCF with three of our biggest exhibitions across the world, happening over the same week!

Our UK team were at BEVA in Liverpool, USA team at AABP in Omaha and the France team at SPACE in Rennes.

SPACE was particularly exciting for us this year as we were awarded with two of the Innov’Space prizes. One for our Duo-Scan:Go pig scanner and also for our new wireless bovine scanner. We work very hard on creating top quality products and are very honoured to have received such awards. These products are not yet available to buy but are coming to the market soon.

France Sales Manager, Cyril Gonzalez and CEO Alan Picken

We had equal success at AABP with around 1400 visitors to the exhibition over the few days. The team met many students who have benefitted from the University Loan Programme – where we lend vet students BCF equipment to help them in their studies. It’s always great to hear from young vets enjoying learning how to use ultrasound!

Our AABP had some fun games for visitors to take part in, including an ultrasound image quiz in which the winner won $500! You can take the quiz here and test your own knowledge – http://bit.ly/2fjZb32

Finally, BEVA! Focusing specifically on the equine market, our team were delighted to get to chat to so many customers, old and new, helping them with their ultrasound, x-ray, CT and MRI needs.  

Like BCF, BEVA supports practical training and we were very happy to support this throughout the exhibition. 


Of course, there was a chance for some fun too, with our marketing team organising a pub quiz that had an attendance of over 100 people!

BCF enjoy attending exhibitions all over the world so look out for us at the next one you are heading to!

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