Sheep Scanning in Spain

Our distribution manager, Yolanda, was in Avilla last week hosting our first sheep scanning course in Spain. Using Duo-Scan with Axial probe, Ovi-Scan and Easi-Scan Curve, the course was focused on how to count fetus’ and why it is important, as well as herd management and feeding.

Using the different ultrasound machines, the group were able to get to grips with what might suit their needs and practice best.

Whilst the Ovi-Scan is the choice of most across the UK and Australasia, the Spanish delegates explained the farms they work on are much smaller and they move around a lot, so a stationary scanner is not always the most practical solution for them.

With the Remote Display to show the image to everyone in attendance, we were able to get some great images using the different ultrasound machines.

60 day embryo, Easi-Scan Curve

40 days Ovi-Scan

We are planning to run more training courses for sheep scanning in Spain later this year and in to next year, get in touch with Yolanda or Gumer if you would like to take part.

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