Go For A Ride Day - IMV imaging style

How do you get away from it all?

On national #GoForARideDay, which takes place every 22nd November, everyone is encouraged to get outside, go on a journey and just enjoy getting away from it all!

November 22nd has been a significant day throughout transportation history with a number of key events taking place on the day from acquiring patents for the interpole motor and snowmobile to a mass service trial run on the famed supersonic Concorde (source: Days of the Year).


We at IMV imaging, are all for getting out and exploring the great outdoors and as such thought it only right to share with you some of the ways we like to go for a ride :) 


On Yer Bike!


Did you know that around 5% of all trips made in the United Kingdom are made by bike? (source: bicycle history)


At IMV imaging HQ in Scotland, we have a keen group of cyclists who regularly cycle in to and from work as well get together for trips out!

What it means to us...

Kirstin Dinham

Veterinary Applications Specialist – Southern Africa

"We like to pack all our things onto our bicycles, and cycle off for a few days. We have cycled to Mozambique twice, to Durban and more recently from Lisbon to Lagos in Portugal. Journeying by the power of your own legs is always a mettle-testing adventure, full of curveballs and endorphin-fueled laughter."    

Jamie Menarry

Lead Service Engineer - UK

"I love mountain biking. I enjoy the physical challenge (much to my fellow bikers disgust) of the up hill and the adrenaline of carving my way back down."

Sean Stevenson

Service Manager - UK

"18-months ago you wouldn’t have seen me on a bike and anyone who knows me will testify to that however, after moving home I wanted to explore the new surrounding area so thought I would dust off my old mountain bike and go explore. I’m now the proud owner of three bikes and can think of nothing I enjoy more than hopping on my bike to explore the Scottish countryside."

But we don't just limit ourselves to cycling ...

Lynda Dunbar

Account Manager for Scotland - UK

"This pic is of my horse Shadow. I’ve had him over 20 years now. I love going for a ride or just spending time with him, it’s excellent stress relief. Shadow loves the beach and this pic was taken at Irvine beach last summer where he got to go for a lovely gallop."

Marketing team

It was an entirely different kind of ride to work for some of our marketing team.

The Emirates Air Line, cable car link across the River Thames, London was our ride to a recent marketing conference we attended at London’s Excel Arena.

IMV imaging

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