• Epica Pegaso Equine CT Scanner
  • Epica Pegaso veterinary CT scanner
  • Epica Pegaso veterinary CT scanner
  • Epica Pegaso veterinary CT scanner

Epica Pegaso veterinary CT scanner

The Pegaso is a newly designed veterinary CT technology that has been specifically engineered for the equine veterinary market.

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Benefits of the Epica Pegaso Veterinary CT:

  • Resolution 30 x higher than a conventional CT scanner
  • The widest gantry available at 1.2M, allows imaging to T1
  • Minimal room setup required
  • 60%-90% less radiation than standard CT
  • Able to perform CT and fluoroscopy in one unit

The Pegaso has been designed to solve the problem for equine practitioners of having to use conventional CT scanners that were difficult to use, had low resolution, high radiation and not suitable for this purpose. Epica aimed to solve this problem and revolutionise equine CT.

The Pegaso HD CT offers high resolution imaging with excellent quality contrast to allow high definition imaging of soft and hard tissue. Viewing micro-fractures, ligament tears, cartilage lesions and other lesions that haven’t been visible in the past are now possible with the Pegaso.

The 1.2 metre variable geometry tilting gantry allows standing CT to be performed to C6/7. The Pegaso produces an isotropic voxel size of 0.09mm which is about 1400 x smaller than conventional CT while using 60-90% less radiation. The system is also fully mobile meaning it can moved around the practice to where you need it.

The Pegaso has Fluoroscopy built-in to the system which can be accessed at the touch of a button. It can deliver soft and hard tissue imaging at outstanding quality.

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