Easi-Scan:Go bovine ultrasound scanner

Be Connected. Be Smart. Let’s Go!

Wireless, connected on-farm ultrasound, strengthening the relationship between vets and farmers, ensuring better productivity on the farm and improvement in animal health.

Gold Stevie Winner - International Business Awards
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      The Easi-Scan:Go integrates seamlessly with the modern farm. It is a wireless, App based scanner, that presents the ultrasound image on up to 3 smart devices simultaneously. You can share images with farmer or review the ultrasound data later with the IMV Cloud online storage facility. Instant access to vital data enhances team work and allows for better strategic planning.

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      BE SMART

      Smart devices are used not only to view the image but also to record data. With Visits ToDo App the chances of entering diagnostic data incorrectly are reduced with the vet receiving confirmation of the data inputted on their screen. Vets can also plan their day with Visits ToDo and send a notification to the farmer before arrival reducing the vet waiting time.

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      LET'S GO

      Fast, light and with minimal set-up time required, the Easi-Scan: Go is ready to go when you are, providing speedy results without sacrificing accuracy. Biosecurity is not an issue as the scanner is waterproof and completely sealed. This contributes to an even more efficient workflow on the farm.

    in action

    Easi Scan:Go in use

    The scanner creates a wireless network to which you can connect multiple smart devices to the scanner and view the live ultrasound footage. Perfect for displaying the image to your customers, engaging them in the process. It’s great for training purposes too.

    Review and analyse ultrasound data anytime with the IMV Cloud online storage facility. Farmer and vet can work better together by reviewing herd data online after scanning.


    Record, store & track everything

    Review and record an unlimited number of the video clips and images. Excellent image quality and no image delay allows correct diagnosis. Measure the embryo size with on screen callipers.



    The Easi-Scan:Go is equipped with four unique technologies designed to make farm ultrasound scanning more efficient and productive for everyone.


    Technical specification

    • Dust & splash proof

      Image storage

    • Viewing device

      Smartphone/Tablet. Scanner creates wireless link to compatible viewing device using Sound-Link over standard WiFi connection.

    • Probe specifications

      Broadband straight linear rectal.
      Active array length 64mm.
      128 crystal array.

    • Charging options

      Battery can be charged from DC power adapter or car 12v accessory socket

    • Battery life

      Removable li-ion battery gives 5h runtime

    • Battery charge time

      5.5h - only use IMV approved battery charger and DC power adapter

    • Width

      19 x 8.3 x 6.2cm / 7.5 x 3.25 x 2.4 inch

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