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  • Small animal image of MSK longitudinal
  • Small animal image of MSK 12CM distal to ACB transverse

ExaGo veterinary ultrasound scanner

Built to last, even in the harshest of conditions

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Reliable and robust, the ExaGo will quickly and easily provide you with high-quality ultrasound images and measurements, perfect for the mixed practice veterinarian. 


  • With an almost 0% break-down rate, you can rely on the ExaGo, even in the harshest of conditions on farm. Designed specifically for veterinary use, the ExaGo is weather proof and can be easily wiped down and cleaned after use. 
  • Compatible with a wide range of multi-frequency probes, including backfat and OPU, the ExaGo is the ideal scanner for the mixed veterinary practice. Probes are interchanged easily allowing you to smoothly move between applications and species. The scanner can also be used with a portable trolley, perfect for use in practice. 
  • Lightweight at less than 4kg, the ExaGo can move with you around the practice or farm with ease. It has a handle at the base of the keyboard making it comfortable to hold if you are short of space. 
  • The ExaGo has a simple interface and many automatic functions, making it easy to use and practical for those who are short of time and need quick, accurate diagnoses. 
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