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ExaPad and ExaPad mini veterinary ultrasound scanner

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The ExaPad and ExaPad Mini are fully robust ultrasound systems that have been designed, developed and manufactured specifically for the veterinarian, suitable for Equine and mixed practice.

Portability, great battery life, long cable length and ExaPad's two probe connectors all contribute to moving around the stable or practice and between clinical applications with ease.

The ExaPad range can be used for musculoskeletal, abdominal, reproductive and cardiac imaging. The streamlined interface allows for easy annotation of images and the ability to perform detailed measurements. Patient files and reports can be generated, and a pdf output of the report provided. Patient files, reports, annotations and specific measurements are all adapted to veterinary work. 

Thanks to the new interface system EchoTouch, only the necessary functions are present on the screen, making the work of the user faster and more efficient. The advanced settings remain of simple access as well. The embedded software, EchoVoice gives you a voice control over the main functions of the scanner, allowing you to work with a complete autonomy, even when you are further away from the device. With EchoPad app installed on your iPad, you have access to a second command board for your ExaPad. You can then pilot your ultrasound scanner remotely. Your own presets, saved in your iPad can be used in the ExaPad. 

The EchoPad functionality also allows for peer review as the same image can be viewed by another person in a different location. 

Additional Features

Probes and Accessories

  • Probe introducers

    Only 3 cm in diameter, scan longer without getting a sore or tired arm whilst making the process of scanning much more comfortable for the animal.

  • C320A-Convex

    Convex Probe

    An abdominal probe used for reproduction with a maximum depth of 30 cm. Can be used on:


  • L738P-Linear

    Linear T Probe

    The Linear T Probe can be used for scanning tendons, MSK, and orthopedics. Can be used on:


  • C614P-Micro Convex

    Micro Convex Probe

    An abdominal probe used for reproduction and MSK. Can be used on:


  • LR760P-linear rectal

    Linear Rectal Probe

    A linear rectal probe used for reproduction. Can be used on:


  • L 3130 B Swine

    Pig Carcass Probe

    A pig carcass probe used for back fat, loin eye, IMF, and muscle depth. Can be used on:


  • L 3180 B Bovine

    Beef Carcass Probe

    A carcass scanning probe for measuring backfat, loin eye, IMF, and muscle depth. Can be used on:


  • E610A

    Endocavity Probe

    A vaginal endocavity probe for examining. Can be used on:


  • opu fin

    Ovum Pick Up Probe

    A vaginal ovum pick up probe for examining. Can be used on:


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