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ImaGo veterinary ultrasound scanner

Compatible with both electronic and sector probes, the ImaGo is your perfect on-farm scanning partner

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The ImaGo ultrasound scanner with an integrated screen is a lightweight machine compatible with a range of probes perfect for a day scanning on farm. The ImaGo allows you to detect pregnancies and pathologies whilst also having automatic back fat measurement software. Secured with a magnesium body, the ImaGo is robust enough for long-term use on any farm.

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In Practice

"Is an early pregnancy check enough or should gestation be reconfirmed?"

Clinical article, research done using the ImaGo. Article was first published in International Dairy Topics.


Clinical Images taken with the ImaGo 

   Bovine, CL and Fetus


    Bovine, 14 days Post-Partum    


   Bovine, 27 day pregnancy 


   Bovine 28 day bull pregnancy


   Automatic back fat control 


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