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EXAPad and EXAPad mini

Equine veterinary ultrasound

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A High-Resolution Touchscreen

EXAPad is a high-resolution, 15" touchscreen veterinary ultrasound designed to provide a robust, high-quality ultrasound image. EXAPad mini offers the same exceptional level of quality at only 12". These touchscreen veterinary ultrasounds are exceptionally lightweight and offer numerous functionalities. All patient files, reports, annotations, and specific measurements are all adapted for veterinarians.

A new way of scanning

With EXAPad and EXAPad mini, you receive a simple and intuitive experience while scanning. Our new applications, ECHOTouch and ECHOVoice, optimize ease and accessibility without interrupting your scanning process.

Versatile and high-end

EXAPad and ExaPad mini are high-resolution touchscreens of 15" or 12" built robustly with quality imaging. With more than two hours of working time, this lightweight touchscreen veterinary ultrasound answers the demands of veterinarians.


The EXAPad and EXAPad mini are compact in size and easily transportable. Thanks to its interchangeable battery, these touchscreen veterinary ultrasound scanners are well adapted to field conditions along with clinical use.


With its sleek, sealed, and compact design, the EXAPad and EXAPad mini are very easy to clean.

ECHOTouch - TouchScreen

The new interface system, ECHOTouch, only has the necessary functions present on the screen, allowing for faster and more efficient scanning. The advanced settings are still accessible at only a few clicks away.

ECHOVoice - Voice Command

The embedded software, ECHOVoice, gives you voice control over the main functions of the scanner.

ECHOPad - Remote Control Access

The ECHOPad application can be installed on your tablet or phone, providing you access to another command board for your EXAPad. You can then pilot your ultrasound scanner remotely.




Multiple Probe Options

  • L738V probe

    L738 LINEAR

    10.0-5.0 MHz

    -Tendon diagnosis
    -Superficial parts on small animals

  • LC1038V

    L1038 LINEAR

    High density 15.0-7.5 MHz

    -Equine tendons
    -Small parts

  • LC1428V

    L1428 LINEAR

    High density 18.0-10.0 MHz

    -Equine tendons
    -Small parts
    -Musculoskeletal high frequency

  • C360A probe

    C360V CONVEX

    5.0-2.0 MHz

    -Small parts & musculoskeletal
    -High resolution abdominal

  • CC550V probe 2

    C550C CONVEX

    High density 6.0-3.0 MHz

    -Equine musculoskeletal penetration
    -Abdominal scanning
    -Small animals

  • C614P-Micro Convex


    7.5-4.5 MHz

    -Small parts

  • LB760V probe 2

    LR760 LINEAR

    10.0-5.0 MHz

    -Veterinary rectal

  • 90-2990 OPU probe

    Ovum Pick Up Probe

    7.5-5.0 MHz

    -Non-porous, smooth, polished finish
    -Short & long needles, 12g to 20g biopsy guides
    -120 degree angle
    -Precision, all metal needle guide

  • L3130B probe

    L3130B Body Composition

    5.0-2.5 MHz

    -Back fat

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