Try our wireless and durable small ruminant ultrasound, Duo-Scan:Go Plus, designed for pregnancy checks.
  • Wireless pig preg checker Duo-Scan:Go Plus with phone
  • Wireless pig preg checker Duo-Scan:Go Plus with phone
  • Duo-Scan:Go Plus
  • Dairy goat scanning DuoScanGo behind
  • Dairy goat scanning with DuoScanGo
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Duo-Scan:Go Plus

Wireless small ruminant ultrasound

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Duo-Scan:Go Plus


Our wireless small ruminant ultrasound, Duo-Scan:Go Plus, was built to provide a robust ultrasound image even in some of the toughest environments. Whether you're scanning small ruminants in an alley, headlocks, or in an open pen, Duo-Scan:Go Plus was designed to thrive in any situation giving you a crisp ultrasound image for pregnancy detection. 


Duo-Scan:Go Plus has a 64 crystal probe head. This provides you with a crisp ultrasound image along with a simpler and easier to use small ruminant ultrasound.



Easily view the ultrasound image on any smart device. Using our proprietary SoundLink™ technology, the Duo-Scan:Go Plus beams the ultrasound image directly to your device of choice. Up to three smart devices can view the same ultrasound image simultaneously. The 64 crystal probe head provides an unquestionable crisp ultrasound image that can be saved directly to your smart device.



Duo-Scan:Go Plus has been ergonomically designed to make abdomen scanning easier for the operator. Being fully wireless, the Duo-Scan:Go Plus allows much more freedom of movement and leaves no trailing wires for curious goats to chew on. Additional accessories are also available to mount your smart device on your wrist allowing the operator to orientate their smart device vertically or horizontally on their wrist for optimal viewing. Alternatively, view your ultrasound image on our wireless BUG:Go goggles.


EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Despite being packed with technology, the Duo-Scan:Go Plus remains simple and intuitive to use. 

  1. Power on ultrasound
  2. Connect the wifi on your smart device with Duo-Scan:Go Plus
  3. Start scanning pigs

Viewing options

Pair your Duo-Scan:Go Plus with the BUG-OLED:Go wireless goggles or any smart device to view the ultrasound image.   

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