ImaGo provides a diagnostic solution for animal reproduction through premium image quality. Its large range of probes equips the user for a variety of clinical applications. Manufactured by IMV imaging.
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Veterinary ultrasound


ImaGo, the scanner for any field


Compact, portable, lightweight and robust, ImaGo is the ideal scanner for all veterinary applications – bovine, equine, swine and small ruminants. ImaGo can be used with a wide range of multi-frequency transducers including linear rectal, linear abdominal, convex, and sector.


ImaGo is compact and portable, yet sturdy. The interchangeable lithium-ion battery allows you to take advantage of several hours of continuous scanning wherever and whenever without an electric connection. The newly designed carry straps also offer greater comfort and freedom of movement.


Due to a wide range of multi-frequency probes, ImaGo meets application requirements for a variety of species. 


This ergonomic veterinary ultrasound has customizable data and automatic functions that make scanning quick and easy for a user-friendly experience.  

Open Technology

Using the digital conception processor allows the ImaGo hardware and software to be upgraded in the future, which means you are always using the latest technology.  



Multiple probe options

  • IMAGO convex probe CB 360 S -

    Convex (CB 360 S)

    Abdominal probe used for reproduction on:


  • IMAGO Linear Probe LB 740 R - Copie

    Linear (LB 740 R)

    Can be used for scanning tendons, MSK, Orthopedics on:


  • IMAGO linear rectal probe LB 760 P -

    Linear Rectal (LB 760)

    Used for reproduction on:


  • SB 355 M - IMAGO sector probe

    Sector Abdominal (SB355M)

    Abdominal reproduction probe used for:


  • DB 355 M - IMAGO sector rectal probe

    Sector Rectal (DB355M)

    Sector rectal probe can be used for reproduction on:


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