Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound machine - see it all with a 170° view in a small all-in-one veterinary ultrasound machine.
  • Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound scanner
  • Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound scanner with battery


Sheep veterinary ultrasound


Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound machine

Ovi-Scan provides a fast and accurate sheep pregnancy detection method. 

• Small and compact sheep ultrasound with high quality screen
• Unique 170° view allowing a larger and deeper view
• Multiple frequency settings allowing visibility 12.5 inches deep
• Customizable veterinary ultrasound with several viewing, probe, and battery options

Additional Details

Optional accessories

  • Ovi-Scan tally counter

    Tally counter

    Keep track of your lambing percentage and reproduction rates while you scan with the tally counter. It connects to your Ovi-Scan ultrasound scanner and with only 4 buttons you can count the number of sheep and lambs. It then calculates your lambing percentage for one or multiple flocks. You can also program it to operate your pneumatic gates.

  • Ovi-Scan Gel Feed Bottle

    Gel feed bottle

    The gel feed bottle is used with the axial sheep probe. It supplies constant lubrication to the ultrasound probe head so you maintain good contact with the animal.

  • RFID panel

    RFID panel

    The combination of ultrasound scanner and the RFID Panel allows the user to enter tally and lambing data for each sheep. This data is stored in the panel reader, along with the associated Tag ID number.

  • Ovi-Scan DC lead

    DC lead cable

    You can power your Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound scanner from your car with the DC lead cable. The cable is approximately 30 feet long and plugs into your car outlet.

  • Ovi-Scan Carry Bag

    Ovi-Scan carry bag

    The Ovi-Scan carry bag keeps you organized. It keeps all your scanning equipment in one place and portable. The carry bag is durable and easy to clean.

  • Duo-Scan Battery and Charger

    Duo-Scan battery and charger

    Duo-Scan’s 12V batteries clip to the bottom of your ultrasound scanner. It will last up to five hours in continuous use. With these portable batteries you will easily get through a full day of scanning hassle-free. Batteries are charged with a Duo-Scan battery charger.

  • Duo-Scan Backpack

    Duo-Scan back pack

    The Duo-Scan back pack allows you to stay portable and move freely. Your ultrasound scanner is held safely and securely on your back.

  • Mains adaptor

    The mains adaptor clips to your Duo-Scan in place of a battery. It allows you to power your ultrasound machine through a standard wall outlet. The mains adaptor is great for scanning chute side or any stationary location without having to worry about battery life.

  • Easi-Scan BUG Goggle Ultrasound Viewing Device

    See the ultrasound image in front of your eyes and stay safe by keeping your peripheral vision.

  • easi-case

    Easi-Scan Case

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