Easi-Scan Lifetime Warranty

BCF is built upon a standard of satisfying customer needs through innovative products and services. BCF stands behind the durability and technology of Easi-Scan and wants to give our customers peace of mind.

We have chosen to offer a Lifetime Warranty Program to do just that. Strong, hardwearing and splash-proof on the outside with the latest animal ultrasound technology on the inside, Easi-Scan is designed to meet the demands of everyday wear and tear on the farm.


We all know, this job can get a bit messy...

  • Your Easi-Scan scanner and probe will be covered by warranty for as long as you own your ultrasound scanner
  • Having your scanner serviced annually will increase the life of the scanner and decrease the likelihood of breakdowns during continued use
  • Maintenance service and warranty repairs are covered at a fixed cost
  • Peace of mind that your machine will last
  • Reduce the chance of unexpected breakdowns
  • Higher trade-in value for Lifetime Warranty members
  • Serviced and maintained by our specialist facility in Rochester, Minnesota

It makes sense to let us provide the best aftercare

Call us now to find our more about your Easi-Scan Lifetime Warranty on 800-210-9665

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