Equine ultrasound case study 2 – by James Crabtree

The conclusion to an interactive case study involving a 7 y/o Shire Horse maiden mare and the stages of the breeding cycle. Complete with questions and answers. For veterinary use.

The following case study was prepared by James R. Crabtree BVM & S, CertEM(StudMed)., MRCVS. Independent Veterinary Consultant, Equine Reproduction & Stud Medicine.

You are presented with a 7-y-o Shire Horse maiden mare in late March; the owner wishes to breed as soon as possible. The mare is not teasing to a gelding she lives with and has a grade 2/5 cervix on palpation. The mare’s uterus contains no oedema but has no tone. The mare’s ovaries look like the following two images.

Question 1: At what stage of the cycle is this mare?

a). Oestrus
b). Dioestrus
c). Early transition
d). Late transition
e). Anoestrus

Question 2: What is your recommendation to the owner?

a). Administer a prostaglandin injection
b). Prescribe a 10 day course of oral altrenogest
c). Insert an intravaginal progestagen device
d). Re-examine in 2 days
e). Re-examine in 14 days

Question 3: Regardless of what is done above you are re-presented with the above mare 6 weeks later and her ovaries are still the same. What is your diagnosis?

a). Equine PPID
b). Karyotype abnormality
c). Seasonal anoestrus
d). Equine Hypothyroidism
e). Transitional

Question 4: What is the best way to approach this case?

a). Hormone therapy
b). Give more time
c). Investigate for PPID
d). All of the above
e). Karyotype 

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