Free Download: Elbow – lateral canine x-ray positioning guide

Download your free positioning guide!


  • Position dog in lateral recumbency, lying on the side you want to X-ray
  • Pull other leg back and secure
  • Use cotton wool or foam pads to ensure radius and humerus are parallel to the plate
  • Centre over humeral condyle and collimate to 1/3rd of the way along the radius/ulna distally and 1/3rd of the way along the humerus proximally; this can be extended further if a fracture is suspected
  • Elbow should be in a neutral position, i.e. flexion of around 90°
  • Ensure L/R marker is in primary beam.

What to look for

  • Ensure condyles are superimposed – have a feel as you position the dog, and ensure centred right over them.

Top tips

  • Cotton wool is great for lateral elbow positioning, as can be shaped to provide right level of support
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