Small animal veterinary case study – Meg the labrador

History & signalment

Nine month old FN Labrador.

She was observed eating a glove 2-3 days prior, so far the glove had not passed in the faecal material. The dog was now lethargic, off food and vomiting. Vomitus consisted of undigested food and bile. Supportive care was initiated.

Physical examination
The dog was bright and alert and in good body condition. Mucous membranes were pink and moist and CRT was less than 2 seconds. Thoracic auscultation was unremarkable. Cranial abdominal palpation was resented.

Basic bloods were unremarkable.

Imaging findings
Lateral and D/V abdominal radiographs were obtained under sedation, followed by abdominal ultrasound

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