Webinar: The Use of Ultrasonography to Predict Ovulation in the Mare

What to expect

In this webinar the world renowned Equine Reproductive specialist “Dr. Jonathan F. Pycock BVetMed PhD DESM MRCVS Consultant” will take you through the use of ultrasonography to predict ovulation in the mare from identifying the best techniques, when and what gynecological recording you should undertake, different indications that help you understand if and when the mare is ovulating and when to breed and will then lead you in to the second part of our webinar series “The Use of Ultrasonography to Detect Pregnancy in the Mare”.

The Use of Ultrasonography to Predict Ovulation in the Mare

About Dr. Jonathan F. Pycock BVetMed PhD DESM MRCVS

Jonathan qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, after which he went on to complete a PhD in mare gynecology.

Jon is a reproduction expert currently consulting for the Veterinary Defence Society (VDS).

He is former president for the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) and has worked in many different areas of Equine reproduction from owning his own practice, research, teaching, co-authoring many equine books, a former Assistant Professor at the University of Utrecht Veterinary School within the reproduction department and speaking all over the world at major equine congresses on more than one occasion – BEVA, AAEP, WEVA, South African Equine Practitioners Group and Bain Fallon, just to name a few.

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