Equine Ultrasound

Ultrasound has myriad applications in equine medicine. From musculoskeletal structures to the reproductive system and beyond, there are many ways ultrasound can benefit our patients.  

Whether you are just starting to use ultrasound for horses, ponies and donkeys, and want to understand the fundamental principles and equipment, or are more experienced and want to advance your ultrasonography skills, IMV imaging has many resources to help. 

Getting Started

With such a wide range of ultrasound applications, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Understanding the fundamentals, key controls and transducers can help, and it is important to think about how the equipment will be used.  

Your First System

If you are buying your first system, IMV imaging can help with every aspect; from keeping the equipment in prime condition, to image management and CPD.  

What types of Ultrasound Machines are available?

Having Trouble?

If you are having any problems with your ultrasound machine, IMV imaging is here to support you. Whether you need help with image optimisation, kit replacement or essential maintenance; our Account management, Clinical and Service teams are ready to assist you. 

Learning More…

In addition to our IMV Academy online and in-person CPD courses, IMV imaging have a library of learning resources to  develop your skills. There are our journal clubs, webinars and podcasts, but if you are looking for information on a specific region, you can check out our list of guides and articles below:

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