Farm Ultrasound

Since ultrasound scanners were first used on farm, they have revolutionised the world of production animal medicine. IMV imaging have been at the forefront of ultrasound technology development for farm animals since the very beginning. Additionally, we have developed a whole host of resources to help you achieve your scanning goals.   

Which farm animal scanners do IMV provide?

We manufacture the market-leading Easi-Scan:Go, Duo-Scan:Go Plus and Ovi-Scan ranges, as well as our ExaGo scanners, plus our wide range of viewing devices. We also provide a range of superb quality third party scanners.  

IMV imaging have every scanning solution you might need, whatever your production area.  

Which scanner is best suited for my needs?

Whether you’re a farm vet or paraprofessional, IMV imaging are here to help you choose your equipment, make the best use of it, and maintain it.  

With such a wide range of species, users and uses in the production animal world, it can be difficult to know where to begin.  

Pregnancy diagnosis (PDs) and herd health

Reproductive scanning is the main use for our scanners; and we have tailor-made kit for pregnancy diagnosis in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.  

For cattle, the Easiscan range allows for accurate pregnancy diagnosis, ageing of the foetus, diagnosis of reproductive pathologies and reproductive management of the whole herd.  

We also have Easi-Scan:Go and Duo-Scan options perfect for later PDs, and these scanners are very popular with our paraprofessional customers.  

For reproductive scanning in sheep and pigs, the OviScan and Duo-Scan:Go ranges provide excellent durability, image quality and performance, with the same excellent choice of viewing devices and app capabilities.  

What else can I use my scanner for?

The Easiscan also has uses far beyond the reproductive tract. The Easiscan’s linear probe can be used to scan both the udder and thorax. This makes it great for the diagnosis and monitoring of mastitis, and pneumonia in calves.  

How can I view the scanner images on a farm?

IMV imaging manufacture all manner of durable, wireless viewing devices to help you, and the farmer, see what you’re scanning. Viewing screens, wrist mounts, monocles and wireless goggles are all tailormade to work seamlessly with your scanner. The IMV Go:scan app allows you to use your own device to view the image, alter the machine settings, calculate foetal age, measure back fat and upload animal data.  

Having trouble?

If you are having any problems with your ultrasound machine, IMV imaging is here to support you. Whether you need help with image optimisation, kit replacement or essential maintenance; our Account management, Clinical and Service teams are ready to assist you. 

Learning More…

In addition to our IMV academy online and in-person CPD courses, the IMV academy has a whole library of learning resources to develop your skills.  There are our journal clubs, webinars and podcasts to start with. If you are looking for information on a specific species, region or indication, you can check out our list of guides and articles below:  


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