Podcast – I See Your Two Colours Shining Through : Discussing Developments in Bovine Ultrasound with Adam Conn

Listen to the podcast: I See Your Two Colours Shining Through

Known to many as The Vet on the Coast 19, for his superb educational content and showcasing the best of Northern Ireland’s coastline. Adam Conn, is an experienced farm animal vet specialising in dairy herd health and is an IMV imaging brand ambassador. Listen in as we discuss the newest technology coming to the Easi-Scan:Go, the use of doppler ultrasound to help identify empty cows sooner and how we can use that information to reduce returns. The clinical team also discuss other uses for the Easi-Scan:Go when out on farm, whether it’s survey thoracic scanning for pneumonia in calves, or as a rapid patient side diagnostic tool for confirming limb fractures in larger patients, it really highlights the versatility of this ultrasound machine. So tune in, to find out more. 

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