Ovum Pick Up (OPU)

IMV imaging are proud to present our new OPU solution. This Ovum Pick Up probe provides exceptional image quality and ease of use. The OPU probe incorporates a set of adapters making it possible to use any size of needle. The innovative design ensures effective scanning in harsh environments and provides the capability to scan high volumes quickly and effectively (up to 500 per day).

Compatible with our ExaGoExaPad and ExaPad mini.




  • The size of the probe allows transvaginal recovery on heifers of 5 months old
  • Compatible with all needle options
  • OPU has a sealed probe with no screws (easy to clean and easy to set up)
  • Biopsy line to predict the path of the needle before penetration
  • Allow the user to aspirate follicles as small as 2 mm
  • 128 ELEMENTS
  • 6,5 MHz (B Image : 5,0 – 6,5 – 7,5 MHz)
  • Pitch 0,209mm
  • FOV (field of view) 150°
  • Biopsy guide graduated line (mm)
  • Orientation of image – (Up/down – Left/ right)
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