Used bovine ultrasounds

Previously owned bovine ultrasounds that have been gently used and inspected by our service department to assure our high standard of quality. Makes and model differ based on inventory. To learn what’s currently in stock and prices of the equipment request availability below or call us at (507) 529-8200.

Used Easi-Scan cow ultrasound

Used Easi-Scan cow ultrasound

The Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound machine makes your pregnancy diagnosis more precise than other detection methods. It is an easier way to determine the best time for insemination, early/late pregnancy and fetal sexing. We designed the Easi-Scan to be durable, comfortable, and easy to use during a long day scanning on the dairy or beef farm.

  • Accurate and fast cow pregnancy test
  • Designed to be durable for everyday wear and tear on the farm
  • Comfortable and easy veterinary ultrasound machine

Easi-Scan ultrasound machine provides the best ultrasound image quality of its range available on the veterinary ultrasound market. Superb image quality is achieved due to 128 element probe and fast frame rate; 40 frames per second. With faster frame rates you can move your probe quickly without pesky image lag.

Used Easi-Scan Curve cattle ultrasound

Used Easi-Scan Curve ultrasound

The Easi-Scan Curve bovine ultrasound machine provides you a wide field of view with phenomenal depth. This ultrasound machine for cattle helps you make more accurate bovine pregnancy diagnosis between 30 and 60 days. It has numerous other applications, including abdominal inspection of other ruminant species.

  • Deeper penetration with curved probe technology
  • Robust and reliable
  • Excellent image quality

Easi-Scan Curve penetrates much deeper than the traditional linear probe. This greater depth allows you to see later pregnancies. For example, this allows you to fetal age by measuring eye socket diameter at 60 days.

The probe has a 60 mm radius and a 60º curve to give you a wide field of view and up to 24 cm depth, with detailed image information at near and deep range. The 128 crystals probe produces 40 frames per second across 16 digital channels, so there’s no pesky lag or image loss when scanning rapidly.

Used ExaGo cow ultrasound

Used ExaGo

Used ExaGo portable veterinary ultrasound


Wherever you use this portable veterinary ultrasound scanner, you benefit from an excellent image quality. Due to its wide range of multi-frequency probes, the ExaGo efficiently meets all your required applications. Designed with the latest technologies and equipped for the veterinarian environment, ExaGo is reliable and robust. It will quickly and easily provide you with high-quality ultrasound images.

Compact and light, ExaGo is specifically designed for veterinary field use. Its interchangeable battery provides you with several hours of examinations. With it’s durable and tough case, ExaGo can follow you everywhere. This provides you the same image quality and image interpretation as your in office practice with one convenient portable veterinary ultrasound.

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