Used equine ultrasounds

Minimally used equine ultrasounds for sale at a lower price point. These models have been utilized for demonstrations by the sales team and have been very well maintained. To learn what’s currently in stock and prices of the equipment, request availability or call us at (507) 529-8200.

ExaPad & ExaPad mini equine ultrasound

Used equine ultrasound

The ExaPad and ExaPad Mini are fully robust ultrasound systems that have been designed, developed and manufactured specifically for the veterinarian, suitable for Equine and mixed practice.

Portability, great battery life, long cable length and ExaPad’s two probe connectors all contribute to moving around the stable or practice and between clinical applications with ease.

The ExaPad range can be used for musculoskeletal, abdominal, reproductive and cardiac imaging. The streamlined interface allows for easy annotation of images and the ability to perform detailed measurements. Patient files and reports can be generated, and a pdf output of the report provided. Patient files, reports, annotations and specific measurements are all adapted to veterinary work.



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