Jaimie McCain

Sales Specialist for western states and provinces

Jaimie McCain

Jaimie McCain, Sales Specialist for western states and provinces

About Jaimie 

I joined IMV imaging in September 2008.

I work in sales providing training and education to supply you with the best options when purchasing your ultrasound.

Before joining the sales team, I was a service technician with IMV imaging and Steuart Laboratories, a past IMV imaging distributor. Through these past positions I have become very knowledgeable of ultrasound technology, knowledge I enjoy sharing with my clients.

After work I enjoy sports such as basketball and football. I enjoy spending time with my family; watching movies or playing at the park.

Please feel free to contact me for any assistance.

Office: (507) 529-8200 | (800) 210-9665
Cell: (507) 993-9852
[email protected]

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