Tom Cardinal

Sales Specialist for IMV imaging North America

Tom Cardinal

Tom Cardinal, Sales Specialist for eastern states and provinces

About Tom

I joined the IMV imaging team in September 2013.

I work on the sales team at IMV imaging North America. The best part of being on the sales team at IMV imaging is the opportunity to travel and work with customers to improve their business. I love meeting new people and seeing how they run their business. Having the chance to present a solution that will help benefit them is something that makes me feel good at the end of every day!

I previously worked as a sales manager and trainer in the insurance restoration industry. I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth where I was a member of the varsity wrestling team for 4 years.

In my spare time I enjoy coaching youth wrestling for my three step sons. I also enjoy running, lifting weights, and reading suspense novels.

Please feel free to contact me if I can help you.

Office: (507) 529-8200 l (800) 210-9665
Cell: (507) 923-8290
[email protected]

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