Used makes sense

Helping you get the most out of your equipment, this year and every year

Used veterinary ultrasounds are available for sale. General Manager, Carl Bollum shares, “With used ultrasound equipment coming in on trade-in, we are excited to offer this used equipment to customers at a lower price point.”

Trade-in equipment is from existing customers looking to upgrade their current ultrasound to the newest technology IMV has to offer. This allows IMV to receive used equipment, update software, assure everything works properly, then offer used ultrasounds to customers at a lower price range.

Products that are available in IMV used stock can vary greatly. So be sure to call your salesperson that is responsible for your area and check out what is available. You can expect to see a product line of:


Easi-Scan Curve


Refurbished equipment may be available as well. Just contact us and check what we have in stock and available for you to use as soon as possible.

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