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Easi-Scan:Go Lite

The Easi-Scan:Go Lite is capable of delivering images quickly and with good image quality. This durable scanner can play a pivotal role in your breeding programs while helping you to keep a lid on costs. Confirming pregnancy just became more reliable than ever before! 

Blog Article of the Month!

Colour Flow Mapping with the Easi-Scan:Go!

You may have spotted over the last few months that the Easi-Scan:Go is now equipped with Colour Flow Mapping (CFM) software, allowing you to examine blood flow in bovine animals.


We are delighted to share that we now also have colour capability in the OLED BUGs, completing the CFM solution.

Why IMV Imaging?

As farming continues evolving to increase efficiencies and maximize output, veterinarians need to continue with the market pace. Wireless ultrasounds not only allow more mobility, but also easier diagnosis collection. We can provide your team with the right tools to carry out more efficient imaging, through innovative equipment, expert resource and support.

The IMV Group

Your genetics are valuable. We protect them

IMV Technologies was founded in 1963 by the inventor of the bovine straw, Mr. Robert Cassou, and is now an international company with subsidiaries in 8 countries. Today, IMV Technologies is involved in every step of the breeding chain for farm animals, but also canines, salmonids and camels: from semen collection to pregnancy diagnosis. Our goal is to build products and services which will help breeders reach an optimal fertility rate and improve semen quality.

IMV Technologies group is a significant player in the areas of veterinary and medical reproduction biotechnologies, with IMV imaging the dedicated veterinary diagnostic imaging division within the IMV Technologies group.

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