Listen to the podcast: No Need to Fear the Feline

This month we are joined by the wonderful Sally Griffin, European specialist in diagnostic imaging. Sally holds particular interest and expertise in ultrasonography of cats. From anatomy and approach, to sizes and sampling, listen in on our conversation around the particulars of feline ultrasonography. Whether you have scanned a cat or not, tune into this podcast today and challenge yourself to do more, or have a go!

Podcast Below: Vet Times Takeover

This month, IMV imaging’s Focal Point has a new host as it teams up with the Vet Times Podcast to bring you some insights and initiative to the veterinary sector. We’ll be discussing the results from the IMV-run survey on some of the challenges facing the veterinary industry of today and what’s on the horizon to look forward to. Special guests include Christy Lightly, head of marketing for IMV-imaging, BVA president Malcolm Morley and Senior Vice-President for Northern Ireland Veterinary Association, Fiona McFarland.

Listen to the podcast: I See Your Two Colours Shining Through

Known to many as The Vet on the Coast 19, for his superb educational content and showcasing the best of Northern Ireland’s coastline. Adam Conn, is an experienced farm animal vet specialising in dairy herd health and is an IMV imaging brand ambassador. Listen in as we discuss the newest technology coming to the Easi-Scan:Go, the use of doppler ultrasound to help identify empty cows sooner and how we can use that information to reduce returns. The clinical team also discuss other uses for the Easi-Scan:Go when out on farm, whether it’s survey thoracic scanning for pneumonia in calves, or as a rapid patient side diagnostic tool for confirming limb fractures in larger patients, it really highlights the versatility of this ultrasound machine. So tune in, to find out more. 

Listen Below- Podcast: Highlights of BSAVA 2022

Catch up on the team’s highlights of this year’s BSAVA in Manchester. Whether you couldn’t attend or want a recap of the diagnostic imaging lectures that were on offer, listen to the IMV Clinical Team discuss the use of CT in general practice, the benefits of CT in the diagnosis of canine elbow disease and thoracic radiology case studies.

Listen to the Podcast: A Chat With Zoo Vet

This month we chat all creatures great and small from 15g Poison Dart Frogs to 1 ton Rhinos with European Zoo Specialist, Dr. Simon Girling FRCVS.

Listen to the Podcast: Echocardiography Chris With Linney

In this month’s episode the Clinical Team chat to European Specialist in Small Animal Cardiology, Chris Linney. Where we discuss how to make the leap into echocardiography and tips to achieve those perfect cardiac images.

Listen to the Podcast: Merry X-ray-mus

In this month’s episode, we discuss the newest diagnostic imaging technologies and how they are revolutionizing the way we diagnose clinical cases. As always, there’ll be topic related jokes as well as a few festive fails the clinical team are willing to share.

Listen to the Podcast: Highlights London Vet Show 2021

If you weren’t able to attend London Vet Show this year or fancy a recap, then don’t despair two of the IMV Clinical Team will be chatting through their highlights from this year’s congress including Non-Conventional Radiographic Views in Horses and the Management of Fractures in Small Animal Practice. Plus meet the newest member of the IMV Clinical Team!

This month, we welcome Dr. David MacKenzie to the podcast. David is an ECC and critical care specialist at Moorview Veterinary Referrals in Northumberland, but prior to this he has had an incredible career setting up ECC services and ICU units at multiple referral hospitals as well as providing an external cardiology referral service. Listen in as we chat about the use of ultrasound in emergency cases, whether to CT or not to CT emergency patients and the empowerment of nurses in veterinary hospitals.

From weird and wonderful cases to supporting mental health within the agricultural community. This month we welcome the fabulous large animal vet Hazell Mullins onto the podcast, where we chat about all things farm. Find out Hazell’s ‘desert island’ item for all her farm calls – *spoiler alert* it’s not the Easi-Scan:Go, and learn how women are now the real contenders in the world of agriculture.

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