Journal Club – August 23

In this month’s Journal Club, IMV vet Sam discusses a paper examining the Endoscopic treatment of acute oropharyngeal stick injuries in dogs. Join the presentation to get a summary of the research and Sam’s take on this recent journal article. Available throughout July and September.

Journal Club – June 2023

This month. IMV vet Laura will be discussing a recent equine radiography study on the effect of posture on the interspinous space in a group of horses with impinging spinous processes. The study will be summarised, and Laura will give her take on the research. 

Journal Club – May 2023

In this month’s Journal Club, IMV radiographer Bethany examines a paper from 2022 which aims to describe normal feline renal measurements on Computed Tomography. 

Available on demand throughout May!

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Journal Club – March 2023

This month, IMV vet Sam will be discussing the Ultrasonographic diagnosis of femoral fractures in large animals. The findings will be summarised, and Sam will give his take on the research. 

Available on demand throughout March!

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Journal Club – February 2023

Immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia (IMHA) is the most common haemolytic disorder in companion animals, affecting approximately 0.2% of the referral population of dogs. In this month’s journal club, IMV vet Harriet discusses a paper which hopes to describe and characterise changes documented on thoracic and abdominal imaging of dogs with confirmed IMHA. Tune in if you’re keen to learn more.  

Diagnostic imaging findings in a referral population of dogs diagnosed with immune mediated haemolytic anaemia

Journal Club – April 2023

This month, IMV vet Amy will be discussing The Heart to Single Vertebra ratio (HSVR); a new method of measuring the vertebral heart score (VHS) by using just one of the thoracic vertebrae. The authors compare the HSVR with the VHS, and find the new method to be in great agreement with the VHS, and very repeatable.  

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Journal Club – March 2022

Join Laura Quiney for this month’s IMV imaging Journal Club. In which recent research, which explored the detection of dorsoproximal fragmentation of the proximal phalanx. In racehorses using radiography and ultrasonography, is reviewed and discussed.

Comparison of ultrasonography and radiography with arthroscopy for diagnosis of dorsoproximal osteochondral fragmentation of the proximal phalanx in 56 Thoroughbred racehorses

Journal Club – January 2023

In this month’s journal club, IMV vet Amy examines a paper which indexes the canine renal cortical thickness to the aorta, to create a ratio which can be applied in both acute and chronic renal disease. The ratio has a smaller range than other reference intervals for the canine kidney, and can help the clinician to differentiate diseased kidneys from normal kidneys at an early stage of disease. Tune in to find out more! 

Ultrasonographic quantitative evaluation of acute and chronic renal disease using the renal cortical thickness to aorta ratio in dogs

IMV vet Amy examines the critically appraised topic on the Potential of Colour Doppler in Bovine Reproduction. Amy examines the recent evidence around this subject. Amy also presents the clinically relevant findings for vets wondering whether Doppler ultrasonography would be useful for performing early pregnancy diagnosis on farm.

Journal Club: The Potential of Colour Doppler in Bovine Reproduction: Critically Appraised Topic

Journal Club – September 2022

In this month’s IMV Journal Club, Bethany will be discussing CT findings in dogs with gastric malposition: 6 cases. The aim, method and findings of the paper will be summarised, and Bethany will give her take on the research and outcomes.

CT findings in dogs with gastric malposition
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