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The Next Generation of Scanning Farm Animals


Dr. Pereira explains in the video below why he chose the wireless bovine ultrasound, Easi-Scan:Go and wireless goat ultrasound, Duo-Scan:Go for his practice. 

"What made me choose the new machine? The technology and the wireless capability."

-Dr. Sergio Pereira, Azores Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Pereira enjoys giving back to the veterinary community by offering externship opportunities. He utilizes the Easi-Scan:Go wireless capabilities, which allows his students to download the Go app on the their phone. Then, when they ride along for herd checks students have the capability to see in real time what Dr. Pereira is scanning.

Dr. Scott Cantor, Associate Veterinarian at Azores Veterinary Clinic, explains he gained familiarity with Easi-Scan through the IMV University Program. He took advantage of using Easi-Scan during a wet lab, along with the externships he attended.

"By the time that I was ready to start practice I felt very comfortable using ultrasound."

-Dr. Scott Cantor, Azores Veterinary Clinic

Azores Veterinary Clinic uses their wireless Easi-Scan:Go primarily for bovine pregnancy checks. In addition, their team will ultrasound testes and vesicles in bulls to diagnose recent infection and scare tissue.

For small ruminants, Azores Veterinary Clinic scans with their Duo-Scan:Go Plus. This wireless small ruminant ultrasound pairs with BUG:Go goggles or any smart device.

As farming continues evolving to increase efficiencies and maximize output, veterinarians need to continue with the market pace. Wireless ultrasounds not only allow more mobility, but also easier diagnosis collection.

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