2023 VESCO IMV EMA Contract

Service Description 


IMV imaging Support:

Agreement Term:

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5pm GMT (closed                bank holidays) 

Call 01702 460310 to be directed to an available service technician. 

12 months and as thereafter renewed in accordance with condition 10a of the Planned Maintenance Services Terms and Conditions.  

Loan Equipment:

Free of charge loan equipment will be provided in the event of a breakdown (best endeavours) for the total duration of the repair, up-to 30 consecutive days. After this time charges may apply. 

Annual Servicing:

IMV imaging will arrange annual service for item(s) covered under service agreement as per manufacturer guidelines.  

Manufacturer Support:

IMV imaging will provide all support directly in the event of a breakdown. If IMV are unable to resolve an issue IMV will liaise directly with the relevant suppliers to seek a full resolution. Any direct supplier communication must be authorised by IMV. 


See service equipment information for further details.   

Parts Included

Preventative maintenance parts service parts* (excluding accidental damage or misuse)  


CCD Chip Assembly Replacement. 

Insertion Tube Replacement. 

Light Guide Bundle Replacement. 

Total Refurbishment. 

Biopsy Channel Repair/Replacement 

Aspiration channel replacement. 

Connector Pin Unit Re‐termination. 

Re-termination of pin unit/replacement. 

Any loan equipment provided by IMV must be fully insured by the practice. The practice must also return any loan equipment within three working days of items being returned by IMV unless otherwise agreed with IMV (Charges may be applied). 

Failure of equipment to be made available when a VESCO employee attends site may result in a callout charge being applied. 

Any remote support required due to external system changes being made, viruses / malware, presence of unauthorised software or work carried out without consent from IMV may result in charges. 

Accidental damage is not included under the terms of this service contact 

Decision on repair/next stage made within 5 business days of IMV supplying site with information / service assessment / sales quote. 

THIS SERVICES CONFIRMATION together with the attached Planned Maintenance Services Terms and Conditions forms the agreement (“Agreement”) between BCF Technology Limited (“IMV imaging”) and Customer for the services described in this services confirmation. The effective date of this Agreement will be the date of last signing below. Unless otherwise stated, all fees are due and payable within seven (7) days from the date of IMV’s applicable invoice. Fees are exclusive of taxes or duties. 


Contract Inclusions with Flexible Fibre-Optic, Endoscope Contract 

● Blockage Removal, including nozzle replacement. 

● Replacement of Bending Section Rubber. 

● Replacement of distal end cap. 

● Angulation Adjustment. 

● Moisture / Condensation removal from eyepiece optical system. 

● Moisture / Condensation removal from distal optical system. Where the components can be dismantled to gain access. (Please note that in the case of very thin diameter endoscopes and some larger endoscopes with factory sealed optics this may not be 6 possible and a Residual Fluid Stain may remain which can only be rectified by fitting a complete optical system, fibre bundles and associated parts. This work is excluded from the service contract – see exclusions below.) 

● ETO valve overhaul. 

● Light guide tube pinhole puncture repair. 

● Insertion Tube pinhole puncture repair. 

● Light guide Cover Glass Replacement. 

● Aspiration channel replacement. 

● Air/water channel replacement. 

● Return carriage to Customer’s Site. Please Note: Return carriage applies to UK Mainland only. For destinations outside mainland UK carriage charges apply. 

Exclusions from Flexible Fibre-Optic, Endoscope Contract: 

● Damage arising from Misuse / Abuse / Shock – e.g. dropping. 

● Damage to image guide or light guide fibre bundles. 

● Major damage to insertion tube or light guide tube. 

● Total Refurbishment 

● Biopsy Channel Repair/Replacement (excluding very thin diameter endoscopes with factory sealed components – e.g. Bronchoscopes). 

● Aspiration/ Air water Channel Repair/Replacement (excluding very thin diameter endoscopes with factory sealed components – e.g. Bronchoscopes). 

Contact Details 

Please Call our Vesco Service Centre to arrange.  

Call 01702 460310 Option 3, to arrange collection. 


Servicing & Repairs Centre 

Unit 11, Victoria Business Park 

Short Street 

Southend on Sea 

Essex, SS2 5BY 

01702 460 310 

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